Boot Camp

Boot camp is functional fitness in a fun, fast-paced, group setting. Each workout is a combination of resistance, cardio, and core training designed to help everyone — all ages and fitness levels — get fit. Learn more about Fit Body Bootcamp.

Call to signup!
Jeremy Werner at (740) 627 0341



Mon - Thurs: 5:15a,6a,8:30a, 5pm,6pm
Fri: 5:15a, 6a, 8:30a (no evening session)
Sat: 8:30am
Location: 13 North Main St


Mon - Thurs 5a,6a,9a,4:30p,5:30p,6:30p
Friday 5a,6a,9a
Saturday 8a,9a
Location: 4647 Northwest Parkway

Mount Vernon

Mon -Fri: 5a, 5:30a, 6a,9a,4:30,5:30p,6p
Mon - Thurs: 7pm
Mon,Wed,Fri: 12pm, 3:30, 4pm
Sat: 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30am
Location: 7084 Newark Rd

** more boot camp opportunities may be available upon request **

I have been doing the workouts twice a week for almost 9 months... I have noticed so many changes in my figure and things that I can do in everyday life that are surprisingly easy when they used to be difficult. All I can say is it is worth it.